"WOW! How to put into words the greatest of this week. It has been an awesome life and career changing experience. I am excited to learn more and carry out my new found passion. What a gift! Thanks."

Melissa Leake, NP 


"I am so grateful I attended. I met so many interesting people from diverse backgrounds who all share an interest in compassionate care of people. The faculty is outstanding and reflect the same values. I learned a great deal from the faculty as well as my talented classmates. I highly recommend this to anyone interested in becoming a better provider and human being. Many Thanks."

Jeffrey Steinig, MD


"Very wonderful course! Will recommend to all of our palliative care staff providers!"

Nora McPherson,APN


"Being a new Palliative Care provider, I needed it all. This course provided it all! It gave me a foundation to build upon as I begin my career in this field. In my opinion, Four Seasons is the best of the best in their field. I would recommend this course to beginners and anyone with any amount of experience!"

Holly Helms, NP


"In all honesty I have never been so positively impacted by a professional course/learning activity before. It was extremely well-executed. I have learned so much and feel that I am now an improved clinician. I will definitely take everything I learned back with me. Thank you all very much for you time and expertise."

Sarah Bernhase, NP


"I cannot say enough about how I absolutely loved this course! The best ever! Thank you so much for putting this together in an excellent manner!"

Rita O'Neill, FNP


"I extend to you and your entire team heartfelt, sincere appreciation for making our visit one of the most productive, structured leadership engagements in which I have participated in our field. With our minds full, we have taken a deep breath, rolled up our sleeves, and have already started a work strategy for the tremendous amount of information you provided into developing action plans for 2016-2017."

Jackie Matthews, RN


"After a long drive home and a few days to reflect, I wanted to thank you for providing an exceptional educational experience.  As I told you previously, one of my "sub careers" has been continuing medical education. I have put on more than 100 conferences and as a surveyor for the ACCME and Wisconsin and Nebraska State Medical Associations, I have attended scores more.  With this background, I can honestly tell you that your immersion course was the single best educational experience that I have ever attended, bar None!


1) Your faculty were all experts. They knew their topic well and presented from their knowledge and experience, not a PowerPoint.

2) The use of role play was AMAZING ! It gave the learner an opportunity to see what it felt like to be a family member or a patient, not to mention the provider.

3) The choice of topics was pertinent and useful, not esoteric

4) You used evidence based practices and scientific  foundations

5) The course had a feeling of Humanity and Compassion.

6) The logistics were perfect: food, location, handouts . No glitches, no problems. Perfect! Thank Jax please.

7) You had no control (over it), but the attended were great!

One of the greatest things to see was a very tentative nurse in my group on Monday becoming a very competent provider by Friday.

Personally, I learned a great deal (my head is spinning!)  and had a very enjoyable experience. You both deserve a great deal of credit.  I don't know yet if I will practice Palliative Care in the future, but regardless, what I learned last week will serve me well whatever I decide to do."

Steve Lazoritz, MD


"Really phenomenal course from the eyes of a curious physician-researcher interested in the aging surgical patient and the chronic heart failure patient - with an interest in also improving end of life care. The course set the groundwork for strongly considering a career move over the next 3 years. Thank You!"

Leanne Groban, MD


"I want to thank all of you. I certainly had reservations coming here being a MSW and knowing I would be one of few. I found this course very applicable to my daily work. I am enthusiastic to return to work and apply this new skill set. Thank you all, again."

Megan Collyer, MSW


"I very much enjoyed this course. As someone fairly new to palliative care I feel more prepared to start working in this area. It was also amazing to be in a small setting with so many skilled, compassionate care providers who work in palliative care."

Laura Miller, ANP


"What an amazing course! I have learned so much, being a new nurse practitioner in palliative care, that I cannot wait to implement the strategies that I've learned in the course, with my patients and families."

Aftan Sanders, NP


"I'm so glad my job sent me to this course. As a nurse practitioner new to palliative care, this course has been extremely informative. Dr. Bull, Dr. Morris and all of the speakers were very knowledgeable and demonstrated expertise in palliative care. I would recommend this course to providers new to palliative care and providers that aren't new to palliative care but haven't attended this course before. I'm so excited to start implementing all that I learned into my daily work."

Victoria Morrison, NP.


"What appeared to be daunting and too comprehensive a course to cover in five, 8 hour days, was surprisingly covered effectively and efficiently. Participants were engaged via lectures, videos and role play. Particularly valuable was my role play group. We learned from one another via honest critique of our roles, as to how well we applied communication tools in difficult patient & family meetings."

Nina Snoddy, RN


"What a privilege it has been to be able to attend such an incredible course. All of the instructors were so knowledgeable, caring & compassionate about the field of palliative care and hospice. The course was very comprehensive and applicable to multiple disciplines in healthcare. The role playing activities were incredibly useful to help apply the concepts discussed throughout the course. I will take back so much information to my colleagues and would recommend this course to all of my NP/PA/CNS colleagues working in oncology with a special interest in palliative care."

Sara Jax, NP


"The course material/time was intense, but I found the experience rewarding and enlightening for what Hospice/Palliative Care providers do. I appreciated the enthusiasm of Dr. Bull/Dr. Morris as moderators, kept the people engaged. The "role playing" was difficult at times, "but" helpful to emphasize the points made during the lectures. Incidentally, I think I have gained "5 lbs." this week with the snacks, lunches, etc., (please don't receive this as a complaint)!"

Bob Webb, MD


"Coming into the course, my palliative care knowledge was minimal at best so I left on Monday afternoon feeling overwhelmed; however, by mid-morning on Tuesday, I was beginning to see "the light". As the week progressed, I saw, more and more how palliative care is not only a possibility in my small community but also a pressing need. Now the challenge becomes fitting this knowledge into South Carolina's regulations and offering PC to my community."

Donna Sellers, NP


"Thank you. As a new clinician to this specialty, I felt exquisitely cared for during this week. Meaning, I felt that every presenter truly cared about the quality of my education and experience during this week."

Jennifer Malone, NP


"Excellent! Well organized, directly relevant to my clinical practice. Engaged leadership. Facility comfortable and conducive to learning. Not sure what to expect but continually impressed with thought and organization put into the development & execution of this course. Highly recommend the course to providers who are just starting or recently entered palliative care. Impressed with the passion that Janet & John bring to the education process."

Greg Robins, PA


"What a wonderful experience - to be immersed in a course filled with an incredible breadth of information about Palliative Care - From A-Z - and presented by brilliant clinicians. It felt like a retreat with a wonderful new community rather than a conference. Thank You!!"

Marissa Luft, NP


"In all of my endeavors, I try to align myself with others who do it best. Adventuring into palliative care is no different - I want to learn from those who do it best. The group at Four Seasons is at least one of the best if not the best. They show their passions and it's contagious."

Shere Catoe, NP


"Very informative, concise and the lessons, as well as the event, were well organized."

M.E. Gardner, PA


"This was a wonderful, invaluable, practice-changing, life-changing course! Thank you so much!"

June Watkins, RN


"Thank you to the staff for their insight and guidance. They entertained questions with patience. Palliative Care principles and practices were explained and "made personal" to my particular circumstances."

Teresa Martin-Moses, NP


"The facts learned, communication skills practiced, and the atmosphere of enthusiasm added up to very high-yield week (which went by too quickly!) Every day at work, I use the something which I brought back from the immersion course."

K. Locker, MD
Chattanooga, TN


"I found the Palliative Care Immersion Workshop one of the pinnacle experiences in my continuing education.  The small group setting, in a relaxed atomosphere, was conducive to becoming more aware of oneself and others, so that good Palliative medicine  can be provided to those for whom we care. 

Patricia A. Schmidt, DO, FACOI
Medical Director, Palliative Care Services, Great Lakes Caring


"This Palliative Care Immersion course provided essential knowledge, helpful tips and resources not only for new program development, but also for current providers in palliative care like myself.  The presenting faculty shared an expertise and had an obvious passion for their work.  It was evident the presenters had a genuine caring, compassionate and patient centered nature which also provided a very comfortable learning environment.  I would recommend this course to anyone currently in a palliative care setting who desires to enhance their clinical skills or improve/start a palliative care program.  This was definitely a worthwhile experience and money well spent."

Christine Klein, Family Nurse Practitioner
Hope Hospice and Palliative Care, Inc.
Medford, WI

"I would recommend this course for anyone who has recently begun a career in hospice and palliative medicine, or for anyone who wishes to improve their own skills in caring for patients with these terminal diagnoses.  It was money well spent, as I feel my own ability to practice palliative care was significantly improved."

Steve Sorensen, MD


"The Four Seasons Immersion Course was the most 'practical', every day application helpful of any education sessions that I have attended.  The instruction was given by experienced professionals working in the field of palliative care and hospice.  Not only were they knowledgeable but excellent teachers as well.  I am no fan of role playing, but in this course, role playing is interwoven into lecture in a very effective way that helped theory become reality.  I would recommend this course to any one wanting to learn more about practicing in the field of palliative care and hospice."

Irene Peters, MN, RN
Geriatric/Palliative Care Clinical Nurse Specialist
Overlake Hospital Medical Center



Best thing about this course: 

The expertise of the speakers. The speakers knowledge, kindness, responsiveness to each participant. It is like they took the time to know each of us before we arrived and engaged our group in wonderful clinical discussion. You never forget when someone treats you with kindness and helps stimulate your professional growth! I feel the resources shared will keep me busy and a valuable member of my team for years to come, I have the resources and can't wait to share them with my team members for years to come!

Michelle Gavin, RN, MSN, GNP-BC
Geriatric Nurse Practitioner
Mayo Health System - Franciscan Skemp - Hospice


What I liked most about the course:

the quality of the speakers, the shared resources and availability to mentor participants in ongoing projects. I would refer a colleage to this conference, the clinical information shared is top-notch and implementing the standards of practice excellence in our own departments will enhance employee moral, productivity and professional growth.

Murali Ramaswamy, MD
Staff Physician
Lebauer healthcare and Cone Health System


The Palliative Care Immersion Course provided a comprehensive review of updated, evidenced based material on HPM. Whereas it is not a HPM board review course, I felt it gave a great overview of the material and provided me the opportunity to practice my communication skills. The faculty are skilled, dynamic and passionate about the practice of palliative medicine. They keep the enrollment size small as to allow for more small group learning and a relaxed comfortable atmosphere in which to learn. I highly recommend this course for all practitioners of HPM.

Kimberly Morris, MD
Chief of Geriatrics & Extended Care
Veteran's Health Administration